July 10, 2018

Super Robotic Birthday Cake

When the birthday boy wants a “cake lady” cake and I’m the one who has made his birthday cakes for a few years, I’m clearly HIS “cake lady.”  So, of course, the boy gets what he wants!  This year his favorite stuffed Robee robot plush was the cake inspiration, and he was tickled to see what “the cake lady” created for him.  A mouth opened in surprise and a barely audible “Robee” greeted my ears as his mother revealed his cake to him for the first time in my driveway.  I love so much making children happy whether it’s a favorite plush, book, flower, Hobbit house, Disney character, etc or being able to make it so they can even be able to eat a cake because of dietary restrictions, I love making cakery magic come true.

This cake is this particular family’s favorite butter cake recipe with custom tinted buttercream finish frosting.  The silver robot head and torso was sprayed with Wilton’s edible mist with fondant piecework accents for eyes, mouth, ears, and heart rate gauge with candy melt buttons.  This cake was created and cut from an 11×15 sheet cake.  I also gave the Momma the extra cake with all the extra frosting from the batch I made… her favorite part!

Happy 5th Birthday B!

Robee Cake with B

Happy Boy with his cake!

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