Super Robotic Birthday Cake

When the birthday boy wants a “cake lady” cake and I’m the one who has made his birthday cakes for a few years, I’m clearly HIS “cake lady.”  So, of course, the boy gets what he wants!  This year his favorite stuffed Robee robot plush was the cake inspiration, and […]

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A Little Doggie Story

Oh, how I LOVE creating Cakery! This past weekend I had an order from one of my birthday repeats, and this year’s cake was to be a dog! After the usual swapping of ideas and pics around, we landed on a buttercream piped furry dog with fondant piecework including ribbons […]

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Happy Birthday Cake Wild One Baby Girl!

So my great niece (how in the world am I old enough for that?) turned one this past week, and I was honored to make her 1st birthday celebration Cake and cupcakes. As I got to tag along on my hub’s business trip, I wasn’t able to attend her party, […]

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Cake Post and a Wish!

Merry Christmas from Something Chic's Cake Shop

Have no fear… Cake creation posts are on the way!  Today I’m writing to you for two reasons, one being to acknowledge the lack in the cake post department.  My web developer husband, Samuel, is helping me work towards improving my web presence on the internet and social media outlets.  […]

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Congratulations to Rebekah and Jake

I knew this cake would be special from the first email.  *interject warm smile here*  My contact for this wedding was the Mother of the Bride, and this Momma knew my family and my husband’s family from past to present!  She also knew what she wanted, and was prepared at […]

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