May 29, 2018

A Little Doggie Story

Oh, how I LOVE creating Cakery! This past weekend I had an order from one of my birthday repeats, and this year’s cake was to be a dog! After the usual swapping of ideas and pics around, we landed on a buttercream piped furry dog with fondant piecework including ribbons for her hair and a bone. In preparation of the cake build out, I watched a few videos, but the most helpful was completely in Russian, from the lady voicing the steps to subtitles, however, the creation was clear, and I knew I’d found the perfect dog. Knowing that I needed a firm base for the finish frosting, I sculpted the strawberry cake into a dog ready to play!

Everything went as planned with one exception… as the cake was being picked up, the dog’ ear fell off!!! Literally time for a shock/faint. Thankfully with an early pick up time, there was time to rethink the internal support that I didn’t have with the first build out. It was an easy fix, and perfectly in time for the birthday party. :).

Happy Birthday Trinity!!!!

The End! 😉

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