January 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Cake Wild One Baby Girl!

So my great niece (how in the world am I old enough for that?) turned one this past week, and I was honored to make her 1st birthday celebration Cake and cupcakes. As I got to tag along on my hub’s business trip, I wasn’t able to attend her party, but my sister sent me the pics of her grandbaby’s cakery.

—I have to stop right here for a brief moment and say something… doesn’t it feel good when family recognizes the talent that the good Lord above has bestowed upon you? I think family can be your harshest critic, but when they come around and begin to recognize the hard work that’s been put in to hone your craft, doesn’t it feel so good?!?! With that said, Ahhhh, I love that my sisters are two of my biggest fans. They both cheer me on and love to watch me create. Thank you both for all your support over the years! Love you! Ok, back to the post at hand…—

This little lady had a Wild One themed birthday party in a shabby chic boutique style, so I created one of my favorite textured buttercream finishes that I usually use with my wedding cakes, I call “antique rose” finish frosting design. It’s a beautiful layering of buttercream frosting applied with a petal tip that creates the most beautiful full cake rose that I’ve ever seen. I complimented the cake with strawberry and chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream rosettes.

I love making Cakery, and it’s made even better when it’s for my family, and they enjoy the fruits of my labor! Happy Birthday Wild One!

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